Welcome to my website worthing dog grooming.

I have been involved with dogs one way or another since I was about 8 years old, working in boarding kennels and handling many different breeds.

Other people’s compliments have inspired me to set this up.

After owning and training border collies for a good many years, a new breed found it’s way into our home---a miniature poodle brought as a birthday present for my daughter. I was very reluctant to send her to a dog groomer because I was a bit fussy how I wanted her clipped and I knew that a lot of groomers clip to the breed standard, which wasn’t what I wanted, I didn’t want pom poms I just wanted the same length all over neat tidy and easy to manage. I had done a fair bit of dog grooming, but had never clipped a poodle. That was over nine years ago three years later I added to my poodle collection , I got a standard poodle------just recently a young toy poodle has joined our clan.

I am always being asked where I get my dogs clipped, I’ve even had people pull up in cars to ask me.

Many times I've been asked if I would clip a dog but have always been a bit reluctant as I am a self taught dog groomer. I also thought there were lots of dog groomers in the Worthing area.

Well now I've decided to give it a go, I am in a very boring job and feel it’s time to do something I love doing. So here I am today ready to make your dog look dapper.

I started grooming and clipping a few friends dogs and they have been pleased with them, they say they are being asked who their groomer is.

I don’t do fancy cuts, I believe a dog should be kept clipped to a length the owner can manage. It’s no good having a long coat if it’s going to be allowed to matt up, a lot of owners don’t have the time for regular grooming so the ideal solution for dog and owner is to clip the coat so that unwanted coat is clipped but enough left to leave the dog looking smart and manageable. I will clip nails, pluck ears and empty anal glands if needed.